On-the-Spot Jeepney Painting

20-22 September 2012

Open Grounds

behind SMX Convention Center


Help in the Jeepney Rehabilitation Drive by painting jeepneys with stunning tourism destinations

Paint a Jeepney for a Worthy Cause and Get a Chance to win Cash Prizes!

1st Prize – P30,000
2nd Prize – P20,000
3rd Prize – P10,000

Publicity and Promotions Support await winning artists

The winning jeepney will be on display at The Café Jeepney of InterContinental Manila from the period of 1-30 October 2012

The Jeepney Arts Festival is a social responsibility drive that aims to help rehabilitate the Philippine cultural icon and bring back the old glory days of fun and vibrant jeepneys.  It pays homage to the jeepney as the true icon of Filipino artistry, ingenuity, resiliency, and entrepreneurship.

The country will stop for three (3) days to relive the Filipino Bayanihan spirit by repainting jeepneys.  All participants will render an artistic tourism design for passenger jeepneys in Manila and adopt the theme “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”  The design must depict the country’s rich cultural heritage, fascinating destinations, exceptional attractions, etc. that make it more fun to travel around the Philippines.



1. In order to confirm the participation, interested participants must completely fill out the online registration form at the Jeepney Arts Festival website (www.JeepneyArtsFestival.com).

2. All entries will be screened to ensure that they are in compliance with the mechanics.  The design must be submitted via e-mail on or before 18 September 2012, not later than 3:00 pm, to bayanihan@jeepneyartsfestival.com. The organizers will send an e-mail confirmation of receipt and final approval. The organizers will also give e-mail updates to all registered participants as to recent developments and/or changes in the competition.

3. Participation is free of charge.  The organizers will provide the jeepneys, painting materials, and paint courtesy of Nippon Paint, a leader in automotive paint.

4. Participants’ submission of their tourism design grants the organizers the right to freely publish the designs online or in print as part of the project’s promotional campaign. Organizers are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the participant.

5. A maximum number of five (5) people in a group can render a design per jeepney.  Only the five participants are allowed to work within the designated area to ensure security and high level of creative concentration.

6. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants or materials deemed to be pornographic, political, commercial, or in other ways unsuitable for display, and that fail to meet the theme. Inclusion of commercial branding is strictly prohibited.

7. Participants must repaint the original contents on the jeepney such as LTFRB franchise numbers, contact information, route details, and related facts.

8. The design entry must bear the official event website address www.JeepneyArtsFestival.com.

9. Participants must ensure that the jeepney’s interior is as appealing as its exterior. They are given the option to upgrade the interior materials (such as the seats and painting) and to add decorations inside the jeep to further beautify the vehicle.

10. Participants will be given three working days to complete the jeepney design from 20 – 22 September 2012, 7:30 am – 6:30 pm. The working schedule will be strictly implemented in order to have an allowance for the drying period on 23 September 2012 and the launching of the newly-painted jeepneys on the Grand Jeepney Parade at 2:00 pm on 24 September 2012.

11. Participants who would be coming from provinces will be responsible for the cost of their own transportation, accommodations, and meals.  The organizer may handle assistance on special room rates and other travel arrangements.

12. The participants warrant and represent that their design is original and does not infringe, defame, or otherwise violate the rights and property of any third party.


WAYS COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION:  Send a completed registration form via email or fax to officially register yourself or your group. 

Email It

Fax It


(632) 869-7724



17 Responses to Mechanics

  1. kat says:

    Is the on-the-spot painting a contest or an exhibition?

  2. Sue Heuertz says:

    Can individuals come to watch the painting process- just to observe? I am not an artist,but would love to experience watching the artists work their magic to transform the jeepneys- HOW FUN! As an American, I can definitely say “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” Mabuhay!!!

    • Jeepney Arts Festival says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for sharing us your thoughts and we hope you’re enjoying your stay here in the Philippines. :) Yes, you can also come in to observe. Feel free to bring your camera so you can also take in photos. :)

    • Warjie says:

      good day, i really want to join here. So the minimum # of participant can only be 1? And also, I have work at night and can only paint during daytime maybe until before lunch, is it allowed? And what if we’re on a group and one of us can’t stay the rest of the day painting because of other appointments. Is it OK to leave? Thank you

  3. amihan says:

    When you say artists can design in the interior..does this include re-upholstering the seats? This is such a greatful event.. Very much excited :)

  4. nats says:

    papano po magiging on the spot painting if need nyo ma approve at makita ang design ng mga artist?? dba on the spot nobody knows the design dahil may concept na susundan,, it means pag pinasa sa inyo ang design pwidi na kayo mag dsisyun kung sino mananalo dahil sa ipapasa na mga design ay nakita nyo na….

  5. deo carlos amarante says:

    hello po. pg nag pasa po ba ng design square type?o kailangan my jeep din na nakalagay para makita ung pedeng mging itsura ng jeep?

  6. Good Evening po! I`m a Pinoy Artist-Painter residing in Switzerland. Gusto ko lang pong maitanong. Is this a Yearly On-the-Spot Jeepney Arts Festival? It`s a very interesting Event, promoting More Fun In our Country. If ever this Event will be pursued yearly, i`m very much interested to Join next Events. Thank you so much indeed.

    • bayanihan says:

      Good day, Mr. Norlando! Thank you for appreciating our efforts to help rehabilitate Philippine jeepneys and show the world just how fun it is to travel in our country. :) We are planning to make this an annual event but right now, and we hope that we could make an event like this possible for more years to come. :)

      Let’s keep in touch! Please send us your contact details via e-mail, at events@jeepneyartsfestival.com. Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon! :) We would appreciate it if you could ask your artist friends to sign up for the event, as well. ;)

  7. david says:

    ser nagsend na po ako nang design namin … bat wala pa pong response??

  8. andrew says:

    brush lng po ba gamit?o pwede gumamit ng air brush? or diskarte na ang artist dito?

  9. Loi says:

    After submitting the registration, do we already get a confirmation? or do we wait after we submit the design?

  10. deo carlos amarante says:

    hello. i already submit my design .. please confirm if receive it. thanks.

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